The challenge.

Constellation, a billion dollar energy company, enlisted the help of CRISPx to create packaging for a modular smart home security kit.

Our solutions.

How did we help create new packaging for Constellation's smart home security system?


Every project with CRISPx starts with research. We drew inspiration from Nest, Ring, Simplisafe, and ADT - leaders in home security.

For the Constellation home security kit, we conducted market research on a few packaging concepts:

  • Hub tray displaying the main product reveal upon unboxing

  • Slide-out tray product reveal

  • Multi-level concept


To ensure final packaging quality, CRISPx always verifies and tests sample physical prototypes. We check prototypes for color accuracy, print and image quality, the unboxing experience, structural integrity, and more.

The final Constellation home security kit packaging was produced in collaboration with Stephen Gould Corporation.

Constellation Mockup - Front Final Version


Our packaging design focused on minimizing the number of pieces, optimizing the fabrication cost and promoting sustainability.

We designed several packaging solutions:

  • Single shipper

  • Double shipper

  • Modular

  • Ecommerce based


The results.

We delivered the final Constellation home security system packaging early before deadline and optimized fabrication for lower costs and higher modularity.

Constellation Mockup - Front Final Version

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