What is UX?

Nielsen Norman Group defines UX as encompassing all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.

User Experience, often abbreviated as UX, is a buzzword that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It’s usually thrown and usually accompanied with words like wireframes and prototypes, but let’s not confuse UX with User Interface (UI) — the visual and interactive bits.

Start With the User

UX is about understanding your user. It’s easy for businesses to assume they know what their users (customers) need without data or evidence to support those assumptions. This can lead to unintended inefficiencies or friction.

At CRISPx, we start with empathy. Empathy builds the foundation for creating memorable, pleasant experiences for your customers. We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and ask:

  • What are my customer’s goals?
  • What are my customer’s pain points?
  • How might my product or service improve my customer’s life?

This can happen in two levels: one at the client level (what does our client need in terms of a brand refresh or website redesign?) and the end-user level (what do our client’s customers need?)

Data Driven Design

The “X” in CRISPx stands for experience. When it comes to a brand refresh or website design, CRISPx firmly believes in researching and testing to understand the end users.

From competitive audits, user personas, empathy maps, and analytics, we gather information about our users to prepare for testing.

In our testing, we prepare questions and tasks for real users that fall within our desired demographics. Our test subjects then complete the tasks or answer questions while being monitored and recorded.

Moving Brands Forward

The results of our testing often surprise us or confirm our suspicions. Whether the user feedback is “this color is off-putting” or “the mobile experience didn’t match the desktop experience,” we evaluate the every user’s input as a valuable source to help us identify areas where efficiencies or improvements can be made.

We share these discoveries with our clients and use them to guide their brand in the right direction through proposed redesigns and rebranding.

Happy customers = Returning customers.

Why UX Matters

As a final side note, we like to share a case study about usability expert Jared Spool who conducted UX research years ago on a major ecommerce website and helped increase the company’s profits by changing a single button.

How much did the company’s profits increase, you ask?

$300 Million Dollars.

Yes. $300 million dollars from changing a single button. For more on the study, read here.

Whether you’re a small mom-and-pop shop just getting started or a mega retailer with a sizeable presence, UX testing and design is key to connecting the right audience to your product or service.

About CRISPx: Since 1992, CRISPx has been helping companies navigate the brand building process. The marketing company thoroughly researches the consumer, company and competition behind each of its clients, creating a signature brand experience that connects with consumers in a meaningful way. Its marketing team uses the latest industry trends and consumer data to create a unique voice for each of its clients that builds trust and influence. For more information, all interested parties can email hello@crispx.com or visit crispx.com.

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