Learn How to Sell On Instagram

In June 2018, Instagram reached 1 billion monthly active users, surpassing the 800 million monthly active users in September 2017. The Instagram audience is astoundingly wide and a potential goldmine for creators and brands alike.

Earlier this year, Instagram rolled out a new native shopping experience within its app: shoppable posts.

“Last year, we launched a new shopping experience that allowed businesses in the US to tag products in their organic posts. From major brands to small businesses, more and more are using the shopping on Instagram feature to connect with customers in a fresh, immersive way—making shopping less transactional and more actionable.”

Learn how we helped client Syber create shoppable Instagram posts.

What You’ll Need:

Assuming that you already have a business Facebook page and a connected business Instagram account, let’s start with creating a Facebook catalog.

Create a Facebook Catalog

  1. Log in to your Facebook Business Manager
  2. Navigate to the Shop section 
  3. To add a new catalog, click on Add Collection. 
  4. Name your Collection and Save 
  5. Add Products to your Collection 

Important Note: The prices in your Facebook Shop are not connected with your ecommerce website. Meaning that if you have a sale on your website, you must manually update the price in Facebook to reflect the correct pricing. 

Get Instagram Approval for Shopping

Once you have your Facebook catalog set up, assuming that your business Instagram account is connected, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your Instagram account to get approved for shopping.

According to Instagram:

“Usually, the review process takes a few days, but sometimes we may need to review your account in more detail, which can take longer. If your account is approved, you’ll receive a notification from Instagram and be able to turn on product tagging through Settings.”

They don’t tell you exactly how long the approval process takes, but based on their language it looks like it usually only takes a few business days.

It’s unclear if Instagram sends out a notification once your account is approved for shopping so we recommend that you continue to check your posts for the ability to tag products.

Once your account is approved, you will see a new Tag products feature.

Create Shoppable Instagram Posts

Now that the Tag products feature is live, you can tag old posts with products connected with your Facebook catalog.






Once you find and tag the appropriate product, save your post and it will be updated with a small shopping bag icon.

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