What’s new for design in 2018? Responsive logos.

To be fair, it’s not just logos. It’s websites, apps, and everything digital. With so many screen sizes and devices out on the market now, designers must adapt their designs to be flexible for a multitude of situations.

What is a responsive logo?

Like the name implies, a responsive logo is one that is adaptive. Meaning it is flexible depending on the situation. Elements and text on the logo are often simplified as the logo size is reduced.

via responsivelogos.co.uk

As you can see in the example above, elements of each logo are simplified in each size iteration. By designing a logo to be responsive, brands can maintain visual consistency no matter where or how the logo is applied.

The logo is often the first thing people see when it comes to a brand and usually the strongest visual connection to the brand. There are some notable exceptions such as the unique Tiffany Blue color of Tiffany & Co. which is far more recognizable than the brand’s logo, but these exceptions are few and far between.

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