Movement & Animation

We love incorporating movement and animation in our designs. Animations can give life to your products or brand. Micro interactions with specific UI elements can delight and surprise your users.

Micro Interactions

Micro interactions can have huge UX impact. By providing immediate, clear, feedback to the user, the micro interactions can improve the user’s experience with your product immensely.

Imagine that you are filling out a web form that has a multitude of fields. You fill all of the fields out and hit submit. Instead of getting a confirmation page, however, you are met with a vague “incorrect field entry” error message. You have no idea which field you need to correct. Discouraged, you abandon filling out the form.

Now imagine the same scenario but as you are filling out the fields, the web form gives feedback and specific error messages as you go, like “Date of Departure cannot be prior to current date.” You can now easily correct the fields and are far more likely to successfully complete the web form.

When used correctly, micro interactions are a winning solution: less confusion for the user and a higher conversion rate for the business.

Below are some micro interaction concepts that we created for client Ceridian in the exploration phase.

Product Feature GIFs

Videos have high web engagement and ROI. They can also be time-consuming to create and edit.

We have found that cutting up videos into bite-sized GIFs is a great way to highlight unique product features while also serving a dual purpose as suitable social media content.

For the Syber XL launch, we created a set of GIFs that highlighted each key feature on the XL for the landing page. These GIFs were then redistributed across Syber’s social media channels to promote the launch.

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