01. Retail Research

Conduct physical store audit of competitor products, aisles, end caps, store displays.


02. Competitor Research

Conduct direct and indirect competitive market research to differentiate from competitors and to create unique and meaningful concepts.


03. Trend Research

Conduct market research for current design trends and innovative concepts in packaging design.


04. Concept Design

From packaging form and shapes, dimension or concept sketches, think outside the box when it comes to form factor or open box experience while keeping costs and feasibility in mind.


05. 3D Product Renders

Always prefer 3d renders over pictures for your packaging artwork. 3d renders offer infinite light, angle and background options. They also play a big role in getting your product noticed and remembered.


06. Packaging Renders

Presenting your packaging with eye catching 3d renders WILL get you in major retailers. They allow buyers to see the product in details exactly as the customer will see it.


07. Artwork Design

Time to put all your research to use. Mixing trends and user needs, make your packaging stand out of the crowd by wowing buyers and customers.


08. Final Product Mockups

Final Product Mockups will be used both as a customer-facing asset on your website or as a deciding factor in your retail success. They are a key deliverable in the process.


09. Production

Spot UV, holographic paper, PMS separations, preparing your files for print is a crucial step to get it all right and your last chance to make your packaging unique.


10. Sales Support

This is the last step before getting into retailers. Your packaging is ready, time to wrap it up. Powerpoint presentations, videos, landing pages… Every support is valuable when it comes to selling your product.


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