CRISPx helps Syber launch CUBE at CES 2019

When Syber launched the Syber CUBE, a high-end, next-generation gaming computer built to offer not only great performance, but a sleek, eye-pleasing design, they called on CRISPx to help. CRISPx has helped pave the way for dozens of websites, products, and brands both big and small to both get their feet off the ground and expand their reach.

Starting with research, CRISPx worked hard to ensure that the Syber CUBE was built to the highest standards. This required looking at similar products from competitors—what worked, what didn’t work, and what could be improved. After meticulously collecting the desired data, CRISPx studied it without skimping on even the smallest details. The result was a sleek, cube-shaped PC whose unique aesthetic, according to Michael Andronico of Tom’s Guide, may look like something out of a science fiction movie, but is designed not as a novelty, but a carefully calculated work of engineering meant to ensure optimal performance that even the most avid game can appreciate.

Every detail of the Syber CUBE is carefully thought out, and it shows in the design. Upon testing out the CUBE at CES 2019, Brandon Hill of Hot Hardware praised it for its girth of features, stating that “Although it’s officially called the Syber Cube, you might as well call it the Tesseract” due to its breadth of features. One key to the Syber CUBE’s ideal performance comes in the form of five 120 mm fans—four in the front, one in the back—which aim to prevent overheating during the most intense gaming sessions. This, combined with the 9th generation Intel Core i9-9900K processor and dual EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti ensure that gamers won’t experience the lag and loss of graphics that a lesser system would give them.

Matt Safford of Tom’s Hardware praised the PC which, in keeping with the science fiction aesthetic, he stated looks as though it could contain Marvel’s Infinity Stone. Safford praised the Syber CUBE’s customization options, stating that “[buyers] can configure this PC with whatever parts fit [their] desires and budget.”

The Syber CUBE is a Tesseract of a gaming PC which looks and performs like something from a science fiction future. In designing such a feat, Syber trusted CRISPx to help them ensure that it was the greatest product that it could possibly be. From an idea’s inception to its execution and beyond, CRISPx is here to ensure that your ideas, regardless of how big or small, can become their best reality.

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