The Reshaping of the Customer Journey

A customer’s journey from their initial online search of a particular good, to the purchasing of said good, is evolving in a unique way. Originally, marketing analysis considered the path a customer took in their process of making a purchase to be linear, but are now realizing there are many routes taken to reach that destination.

This reshaping of the old mold is due to the broadening of consideration on the customer’s end. When they want a good, instead of making an immediate purchase, they utilize the plethora of platforms that provide in-depth break-downs of goods and their competition, which offers potential buyer’s with essential knowledge to assist them in making the best purchase.

When people turn to their devices to look up necessary questions regarding a good, they are expressing intent which alters the structure of the marketing funnel. Firms are now accounting for the unpredictability in regards to peoples online purchasing habits, and thanks to innovative technology (i.e., machine learning) are gaining the ability to better track buyer’s online patterns, which allows them to customize individual algorithms to provide high-level targeted marketing for businesses.

How has the Marketing Funnel Changed?

The most important discovery pertaining to marketing was the understanding that no two individual’s journeys are the same. Even when you compare people with identical purchasing patterns, their path to making that final purchase is uniquely different.

When a buyer finds a brand and is ready to make a purchase, they first go through extensive rounds of research to determine if the good is right for them. These rounds of research include:

  • Reading reviews
  • Watching product test for functionality
  • Researching the longevity of the functionality of the product
  • Watching competitor’s product test for functionality

The most important aspect of a customer’s purchasing journey is the user-friendliness of the platforms they are using. A customer’s willingness to utilize a website that is difficult to maneuver and lacks interaction greatly decreases, which could negatively revenue regardless of a strong marketing strategy based on sound analytics.

With the ever-evolving standard for user-interface design, it could be difficult to stay up-to-date on developments occurring in the field.

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