Marketing is necessary for a business to meet its sales goals, there’s no question about that. The thing that many business owners might have a disagreement with, however, is branding and its role in marketing.

We have on the one hand old-school entrepreneurs who believe that a product is as good as any and that if there is a demand, it should sell well — it’s that simple. On the other are entrepreneurs and marketers who take on the more challenging task of selling wants and needs: things that cannot be marketed as necessities or left to the human instinct to buy “needs” even if their quality is not the best.

The second group is able to pull things off because they focus on these three  factors:

  • They’ve created a need.
  • They offer exclusivity, luxury, and the perception of status.
  • They understand the importance of t branding.

All of these can apply to tech companies. They can frame their products and services as a must-have whether it is a leisure product or a supplement to something that is already functional on its own (e.g., Amazon Alexa as an intermediary for the smart devices in a house). They can sell their products at a high price point or through limited channels to increase their perceived value thanks to exclusivity. Finally, tech companies can create a brand identity that represents their organization and the products and services they offer.

Of these three, branding is the most important because its outcome can dictate the direction of the other two. For example, if a tech company’s branding identifies middle-income consumers as its target market, its marketers must explore the real-life pain points of middle-income earners and find out what needs they are most willing to spend for.

But let’s get the basics down first.

What Is Branding?

Branding is the process of creating a strong, memorable image that will set apart your financial management app, for example, from the hundreds already existing in Google Play. It is more than creating a logo or picking a color palette, typography styles, and other visual elements (although these are indeed a big part of it).

Branding is shaping the public’s perception of your products and company through consistent application of your “brand,” from how your website looks to the very products you develop. It is a crucial element for any professional marketing campaign.

The Role of Branding

Is it possible to market a product without branding? Yes. But that’ll be like peddling general merchandise on the streets and yelling out what you’re selling. You don’t have much to work with other than the public’s stock knowledge or assumptions about your product.

With a fully developed brand, you will be on track to achieving the following:

  • Set your products and company apart from the competition. The highest accomplishment would be for people, including those who are not your customers, to associate colors, shapes, and other visual qualities with your brand, products, or company. An example would be the back design of iPhone and Mac computers. They are so distinctive that people automatically think Apple whenever they see anything resembling these designs.
  • Build brand recognition and make your brand easily distinguishable from the aesthetics to your product’s user interface.
  • Develop a consistent and satisfying brand experience for your customers. This is crucial for nurturing B2C relationships and turning one-time customers into repeat buyers.
  • Connect with your audience on a deeper level. As audiences learn more about your brand , they may discover that you have shared values and goals. These then become the foundation for their loyalty, support, and ultimately, advocacy of your brand.

Branding can directly impact your bottom line. It’s worth making a priority and investing time and resources in.

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