The full Law & Motion logo is comprised of three elements: icon, logotype, and tagline. The icon features a muscled arm lifting up scales of justice. The logotype is always stylized in all caps and with an ampersand. The tagline, “PERSONAL TRAINING AND WELLNESS FOR ATTORNEYS” must be equal to the width of the “LAW & MOTION” logotype.

The preferred primary logo is the stacked, full color version on a red background. The one color version may be used on a gold or white background. There are situations where the primary logo is unsuitable.

In situations where the primary stacked logo is unsuitable, alternate versions are available in horizontal full color, horizontal single color, logotype only, and icon only.

Do not alter, distort, or change the logo’s proportions, spacing, or colors. 


These colors define the Law & Motion brand.


Pantone 202C
RGB 96, 25, 25
CMYK 32, 91, 83, 42
HEX #601919


Pantone 7508C
RGB 219, 157, 82
CMYK 16, 39, 77, 0


Pantone 7527C
RGB 247, 236, 240
CMYK 2, 1, 4, 0


Pantone 161C
RGB 45, 18, 18
CMYK 53, 78, 70, 78
HEX #2D1212


Pantone 505C
RGB 30, 25, 35
CMYK 76, 74, 57, 73
HEX #1E1923


Pantone Cool Gray 9C
RGB 128, 128, 128
CMYK 52, 43, 43, 8
HEX #808080


These fonts define the Law & Motion brand.

Stock Photography

Law & Motion uses stock photography which promotes wellness, exercise, health, fitness, and positive energy. Images that play on the idea of justice, lawyers, and law may also be incorporated.

Image Treatments

Law & Motion uses two image treatments for photography: Rust or Gold linear gradients. Typically the opacity will vary from 75% to 25% depending on the usage.

Brand Assets

The Law & Motion brand assets, including logo and fonts are available for download below.

Download All Brand Assets