Seed IP – Marketing Request Form

Use this form to submit all Marketing Requests. Lead times vary based on the type of project. Please allow at least 4 days for delivery. Upon form submission, we will contact you within 24 business hours to set up a project kick-off meeting.

Request Form


Please reference this folder for the following.

The SeedIP logo is a universal signature we use across all our communications. We want it to be instantly recognizable, so consistency is important—please don’t edit, change, distort, recolor, or reconfigure it.

Please use our monarch orange logo pictured above most of the time. If needed, depending on the background color, you may use one of the two following logo variations.


Only use the icon in cases where there’s an established familiarity with the SeedIP brand and/or space is too limited to use the full lockup.

Single Color Logo

Only use the single color logo when necessary. If possible, the single color logo should be monarch orange.

Logo Spacing

When placing any of the logos inside a container or pairing them with other design elements, make sure to give the logo a comfortable amount of white space to breathe. Use the “IP” part of the wordmark as a guide for establishing the minimum amount of clear space around the entire logo.

Minimum Size

To ensure the logos preserve their visual impact and legibility in both print and digital formats, do not go any smaller than the minimum size.


To preserve legibility, do not show the horizontal lockup smaller than 75px wide or the icon smaller than 30px wide when displaying them digitally.


To preserve legibility, do not show the horizontal logo smaller than 1” wide or the icon smaller than 0.5”wide when printing them.

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Seed IP uses Muli as a single font for both web and print.

The font hierarchy should be followed as pictured below.


Seed IP uses line icons.

Icons should be using the brand colors. A full set of icons can be found in our brand asset folder.

Graphic Elements

Use the following elements and effects to create compositions for Seed IP

Examples of application

Stock Photography

Seed IP uses stock photography that follows a few guidelines.

Imagery should always present Seed IP as being forward-thinking, modern, professional, reputable, trustworthy, and global. A focus on imagery that highlights Seed IP’s specialities and industries, such as life sciences, software, engineering and more, is encouraged. Culture and diversity should also be reflected in Seed IP’s imagery.

Avoid using images that appear overly posed, cliché, cheesy, and inauthentic. Negative and controversial imagery should also be avoided. Avoid using images that are pixelated, low resolution and low quality.

Examples of lifesciences imagery

Lifesciences is represented by sprouts on a white background. Below are good examples of stock photography.

Examples of industry imagery

Industry imagery should represent innovative and inspirational fields such as clean energy, new technologies, medical, or aerospace. Stock photography should not be busy or too contrasted/saturated.

Examples of lifestyle imagery

Lifestyle imagery should look authentic, candid and focused on people. Blurred backgrounds or foregrounds are prefered when possible.

Examples of imagery to avoid


The SeedIP color palette features a flexible range of colors, anchored by our primary monarch orange.


Pantone 158C
RGB 234, 108, 32
CMYK 4, 71, 100 ,0


Pantone 276C
RGB 41, 16, 40
CMYK 73, 85, 53 ,69
HEX #291028


Pantone 1788C
RGB 226, 32, 0
CMYK 5, 98, 100 ,1
HEX #E22000


Pantone 7506C
RGB 247, 238, 210
CMYK 3, 4, 19, 0

Brand Assets

The brand assets, including logo, fonts, patterns, and icons, are available for download below.

Download All Brand Assets

Verbal Brand Platform


  • Update Seed IP’s brand identity to become better positioned in the market, with a greater focus on trademark services and internet policy in life sciences and technology. 
  • Position the firm as a global IP law powerhouse to increase high quality business development and attorney recruitment. 
  • Showcase the brand as altruistic, mission-driven, and committed to diversity and inclusion, in order to better appeal to clients and attorney talent. 
  • Ensure brand consistency across all marketing materials including the new website, content strategy, and social media.

Origin story

How did we begin and reach where we are today?

When we opened our doors in 1962, many of the technologies we focus on today didn’t exist. Times have changed but one thing has stayed the same: our commitment to protecting the organizations that make the world a healthier, more advanced place. Throughout nearly six decades of fulfilling this mission, we have grown from a small boutique firm in Seattle to a global, diverse force for intellectual property law. At Seed IP, we appreciate where we’ve come while always pushing to broaden our horizons, so we can continue to help organizations anticipate and address tomorrow’s challenges.


Where are we going and why?

Build a mission-driven cohort of diverse experts in intellectual property law, protect the world’s most innovative companies, and create healthier, more advanced communities.

Core Values


To predict industry change and anticipate client needs  

Intellectual Curiosity 

To reach new horizons 


To guide our actions 


To act as one firm  


To appreciate various viewpoints and promote innovation  


To ensure positive collaboration 


To help our communities


All of our communications should aim to…

  • Leave the reader better than we found them

    • We want to deliver value by providing strategic insights to current and potential clients as well as opportunities for personal and professional growth to current and potential team members.
  • Demonstrate expertise

    • We want to illustrate why we are global thought leaders in the IP space and showcase how our decades of experience and world-class elite team members enable us to offer unparalleled insights.
  • Build trust

    • We want to show we are not a soulless BigLaw firm, we are real people who care about doing the right thing for clients and team members.
  • Represent our mission

    • We want to demonstrate our mission statement is not just empty words, it guides us every day toward creating a better world.


How will we accomplish these goals?

  • Speak to an audience of one

    • Understand our various audience segments and their motivations. Listen to uncover their pain points or questions. (Personas can be very helpful here.)
    • Write as if speaking to one person within that audience to make communication more personalized and relevant. 
    • Clarify the value of each piece of content at the start to draw the reader in.
  • Write with authority

    • Leverage individual experience and team members’ specialized knowledge to present well-developed guidance from a united, “whole firm” front.
    • Be concise.
    • Include supporting data and specific examples whenever possible.
    • Mention assumptions or limitations on analysis when appropriate.
    • Maintain a professional, knowledgeable tone without speaking down to the audience.
  • Be human

    • Be friendly, caring, and respectful without sliding into but not over-friendly or casual. Speak like an experienced doctor at his patient’s bedside.
    • Adjust vocabulary to the audience’s abilities and knowledge, using easy-to-understand language (rather thannot jargon or legalese) whenever possible.
    • Use verbiage that connects emotionally and presents a relatable, team approach to problem-solving, such as “We understand your concerns” rather than “Our firm knows.”


If Seed IP were a person, what would we sound like?

  • Intelligent

    • Demonstrating our deep knowledge in IP law and advanced degrees in various technologies and sciences.
  • Experienced but curious 

    • Confident and capable, thanks to decades of experience.
    • Walking a fine line between ‘seen it all’ and discovering new, interesting matters every day, since we work with cutting-edge clients.
  • Trustworthy

    • Able to handle the most sensitive, complex matters diligently and confidentially. 
  •  Inclusive

    • Understanding that we’re better together, leveraging our collective insights for solutions that serve everyone.
  • Altruistic

    • Driven by a larger purpose: serving our diverse communities and enabling innovations that make the world healthier and more advanced.


How will we nuance our conversations by audience?

Persona: Corporate Carl
  • Confident, empathetic, trustworthy. Corporate Carl is looking for deep industry expertise, so be confident.  
  • Talk to Carl like a colleague. Be friendly. Feel free to use legal verbiage, empathize with his responsibilities and employer’s expectations. Build trust by relating to his concerns over leaked information.
 Persona: VC Victor
  • Efficient, sophisticated, and trustworthy. VC Victor is looking for agility and deep expertise in a firm, so take a more authoritative tone that assuages any concerns over ability.
  • Rather than diving into technical jargon that VC Victor won’t necessarily be familiar with, emphasize the team mentality toward achieving the collective goal: we’re one firm and we’re on your team to help you avoid sinking money into unprofitable investments.
Persona: Graduate Gabrielle
  • Energetic and inclusive. Emphasize the opportunity to join a team dynamic that is diverse and supportive. Appeal emotionally: we can provide the mentorship she’s looking for early in her career while helping her to make a difference in the world.