Whether you are launching a new business, product or service, or rebranding an existing one, branding is the key factor for success.

Think, Create, Grow.

Our approach to design takes inspiration from real people and has its ultimate goal in the clarification of purpose and meaning. By better understanding who we are designing for, we create experiences of real value.

1. Research

The foundation for building your brand, is to determine the targeted audience that you’ll be focusing on. When brand building, keep in mind who exactly you are trying to reach. You’ll tailor your mission and message to meet their specific needs.

Solidify a picture of your consumers and competitors, then create a brand identity that they can understand and relate to.

2. Positioning

Before you can build a brand that your target audience trusts, you need to know what value your business provides The positioning statement basically defines a purpose for existing. It will inform every other aspect of your brand building.

Everything from your logo to your tagline, voice, message and personality should reflect that mission.

3. Visual Guidelines

The most basic (and arguably the most important piece) of brand building, is the creation of your company logo and brand guidelines.

It will become your calling card, and the visual recognition of your promise. The associated brand guidelines will ensure consistency for any future application of the logo and associated color palette.

Be willing to invest the time and money to create something exceptional. You will be using your logo on every support, to reinforce visual identity of your brand.

4. Message Guidelines

Your voice is dependent on your company mission, audience, and industry.

It’s how you communicate with your customers, and how they respond to you. When brand building, tell customers succinctly who you are.

Your message should be intricately associated with your brand, and conveyed in 1-2 sentences. It goes beyond your logo and tagline to define the key aspects of who you are, what you offer, and why people should care.

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