The challenge.

Ceridian had transformed over time to become a billion-dollar brand and needed to refresh its online presence to communicate its new direction, drive new sales leads, and engage its key audience. The old website was confusing to use and had low conversions. Ceridian wanted to improve the website experience to help increase the pre-IPO valuation.

Our solutions.

How did we help Ceridian refresh its website?

Ceridian UI Kit


CRISPx developed the groundwork for many of the UI elements, including:

  • Flat design
  • Iconography
  • Information cards
  • Fonts & colors
  • Long scroll page templates
  • Impactful CTAs
  • Pattern library

We follow the Atomic Design Process.


In the first round of redesign for Ceridian, CRISPx distilled the Ceridian interface into modular sets of component following the Atomic Design Methodology.

The atoms included: color scheme, text styles, buttons, form fields, dropdown, checkboxes, alerts and more.

The molecules included: cards, tabs, grid elements, selectors.

The organisms included: hero images, testimonial blocks, menu, footer, CTAs.

All together, the atoms, molecules, and organisms became the foundation for the first round of Ceridian's new UI kit.

CRISPx used these components to develop initial wireframes, interactive prototypes via InVision App, and high-fidelity Sketch mockups. The initial page templates created by CRISPx served as the fundamental groundwork for the final Ceridian page templates.

Atomic Design Thinking
Ceridian Initial UI v3
Ceridian Mockup Closeup


CRISPx performed multiple rounds of quality assurance (QA) testing in support of the ThinkLogic web development team. We tested all the staging urls in four web browsers, five mobile devices, and two tablet devices to ensure a seamless browsing experience across platforms.

The results.

Ceridian's new website was successfully launched in January 2018, followed by a confidential draft registration to the US SEC for an initial public offering of its common stock. Internal and external reaction to the new website was generally favorable, with many users noting that the new layout was simplified and easier to use.

Compared to the prior year same period (Feb 2017 vs Feb 2018):

+10.42% Page Views

+23.79% Sessions

+22.96% Session Duration

-11.19% Bounce Rate

In collaboration with ThinkLogic, Ceridian and Innovation Protocol

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