Problem & Project

18Main needed to create a website to promote new business opportunities and establish an online presence. The goal was to drive more traffic and leads which helped us outline a strategy to streamline the user paths and drive conversions. We also made sure to address the pain points and educational needs of the target audience.

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CRISPx designed the 18Main logo to represent their brand and story. The negative space in each number represents a path and journey. 18Main invests and transforms communities from the ground up, working with people each step of the way. The interlocking circles that form the “8” represent 18Main’s close ties fostering relationships with individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds.

Brand Guidelines

We chose Atlantic as the primary color for 18Main. Atlantic is a rich, deep blue that is warm and approachable. Atlantic may be used for user interface (UI) elements such as icons, CTAs, and url colors. Additional brand colors for 18Main complement and support Atlantic. 

For 18Main’s brand typography, we focused on creating contrast with hero headers using an impactful serif font, Playfair Display, and regular headers and body copy using sans serif fonts.


Wireframing is essentially a visual guide to a website which helps you to look at layout without thinking about the aesthetics of the project. For 18Main, our goal was to simplify the navigation and narrow down user paths to lead the customer towards the most important message and CTAs.


To create a consistent look and experience, and to better support 18Main’s target audience, we designed a set of icons that visually represented the types of businesses that 18Main envisioned working with.

These icons are used throughout the site to support the copy and facilitate user flows.


The website redesign can be checked below, in some screens.

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18Main Branding and Website