The challenge.

CRISPx was tasked with designing and marketing the newest addition to the Syber gaming PC family: the XL Series.

We needed to design a new look for the XL Series that would fit in with the existing Syber DNA aesthetic yet be strong enough to stand alone as an innovative design.

Our solutions.

How did we help Syber launch the XL Series?

Syber XL Competition
Syber XL Feature Inspiration


Every project with CRISPx starts with research. For the Syber XL Series, we conducted extensive market research to document the current case aesthetics and design trends.

From primary competitors such as Alienware, Origin PC, and NZXT to name a few, we researched key features that Syber's target consumers would care about such as:

  • Molded form
  • Accent lights
  • Tempered glass
  • Brushed metal finishes
  • LED / RGB lighting
  • Dedicated windows to specific parts
  • Side orientation port layout
  • SSD swap drive and more


The signature CRISPx design process starts with mood boards, ideation, and concepts. For the Syber XL Series, put together mood boards that reflected our vision of the new case: sharp, angular cuts with a touch of sophistication.

Moving from concepts and sketches, we fleshed out the abstract concepts and ideas into 3D models. The 3D models helped us visualize how the Syber XL Series would look and feel in relation to the rest of the Syber family.

Syber XL Sketches
Syber XL 3D Renderings
Syber XL collage
Syber XL Packaging


We helped design the Syber XL packaging to showcase the beauty of the case with minimal text distractions.


In a mobile-first culture, videos are key to generating engagement and building followers.

CRISPx recognizes the tremendous value in motion graphics and specializes in creating video content tailored for Syber's gaming audience.

We used motion graphics to engage Syber's fans across social media platforms and create an exciting user experience for people visiting the Syber website and XL landing page.


From still images to motion graphics, CRISPx created original social media assets for XL Series in line with the Syber brand vision.

We created cohesive social media assets that highlighted the unique XL Series features to distribute across multiple platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.


CRISPx strategized the Syber XL launch campaign with a structured approach involving:

  • Email marketing
  • Promotional poster design
  • Promotional sticker design
  • Ecommerce page design
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Scheduled social media posts
  • Landing page design
Syber XL Promotional Poster
Syber XL Ecommerce Page
Syber XL Landing Page


CRISPx designed a landing page that maximized the storytelling aspect of the XL Series. The landing page featured multiple sections that broke down the XL's key features such as:

  • VR Ready Front Panel
  • Flipit ™ Technology
  • Endless Possibilities with the Size
  • Maximum Airflow
  • Custom RGB Lighting


Content creation and publication plays a crucial role in any digital marketing strategy.

For the Syber XL Series launch, we focused on telling the story of the design's inception to completion. Our carefully curated content was scheduled at regular intervals, ensuring consistency across multiple social media platforms.

Syber Sprout Social

The results.

Syber XL Series debuted at CES 2017 with positive remarks from trusted sources such as Tom's Hardware. Michael Andronico wrote, "Joining the company's extra-sleek Syber sub-brand is the Syber XL, a large tower filled with glowing lights that look especially awesome, thanks to the reflective panel on one of the sides."

27.9% Email Opens

3.9% Link Click Rate

16,020 People Reached

2,348 Video Views

Syber XL Product Photo

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