Vessti App + Web Refresh

Client Vessti enlisted the help of CRISPx to help with UX research, testing, and UI updates to the Vessti app prior to official release in Apple’s App Store. In addition, CRISPx helped refresh the Vessti website UI to match the updated app UI.

UX Research + Testing

Prior to any UI design changes, CRISPx conducted UX research and testing to develop a better understanding of the potential app users. Our research and testing included demographic segmentation, persona development, and remote user testing.


To better empathize with Vessti potential users, CRISPx created four different personas for the Vessti app.

Remote User Testing

Using the demographic information of the Vessti personas that were created, CRISPx recruited actual users that fit the profile for remote testing of the Vessti app.

What We Tested

The Scenario

Imagine that you saw an ad for this app on social media with the headline “An Open Marketplace for Alternative Investments” and decided to download the app from the App Store.

First Impressions

CRISPx came up with a list of questions that asked the testing participants about the app without leaving the home screen, including who they thought the app was for and what the purpose of the app was. This data provided clarity on whether the app’s purpose and mission was clear to users from the start.

Core Tasks

  • Create an account
  • Update profile
  • View a favorited item
  • View a passed item
  • View detailed information about an item
  • Use the app for 5 minutes

Post-Use Impressions

It was important for CRISPx to not only collect information about the initial app use experience but also understand the users’ experiences after using the app. Our post-use questions revealed that users felt that the app needed a tutorial and more explanation on how to use the app.

UX + UI Design

Based on the UX testing, we came up with updated designs for a few screens, created a unified set of icons, and produced animations for various modals and interactions. The website UI was updated to match the style of the app as well, as can be seen below.

Vessti App