Problem & Project

VR Toolbox came to CRISPx needing help with branding and a website for their enterprise platform, VR Toolbox+. The goal was to launch the new brand and website in time for Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019 and funnel leads from the conference to the website. In support of the launch, CRISPx also ran Facebook marketing to target attendees of GDC.

CRISPx designed a logo that was modern and represented the VR Toolbox+ platform cleanly. The VR Toolbox+ platform is an innovative tool that allows users to work in a virtual desktop space with an infinite number of windows or screens open.

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Our strategy with the website was to clearly communicate and educate users on the features and potential uses of VR Toolbox+.

We created a set of icons that helped simplify the concepts and communicated the brand accent color. In addition, we incorporated motion graphics to illustrate the concept of infinite screens.

The brand accent color was then incorporated into the website through CTAs, hyperlink color, and keyword emphasis.


To create a consistent look and experience, and to better support the VR Toolbox+ messaging. We designed a set of icons to illustrate VR Toolbox+’s solutions.

Motion Graphics

We created an animated GIF to visually illustrate the concept of infinite screens.


The website design can be checked below, in some screens.

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